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Also known as the Retail Replacement Value, this valuation is required by an insurance company before it will schedule jewelry on an individual policy beyond a certain dollar amount

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Insurance Appraisals

Estate Appraisals

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Diamond Evaluation

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Gem Identification

Appraisal Updates

Insurance Appraisals


Fair Market Value is used for estate evaluation purposes and is an assesment based on what a willing buyer and seller would agree to without a forced sale. These ae used for estate settlemement and tax liability appraisals.

Estate Appraisals

Using the standards set by the Gemological Institute of America, ypuir diamond wil be graded according to the 5 C's- Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity and Cart Weight.We use real time value for appraisals- not outdated price charts.

Diamond Grading

Gemstones nowadays are either natural, synthetic or enhanced in some way. Stones similar in color are mistaken for others, such as blue topaz and aquamarine. This can cost someone hundreds, or thousands in an appraisal or in a purchase. We have the equipment and knowledge to test and identify your gemstones

Gemstone Identification

We can replace your lost jewelry item after you settle with your insurance company.

Losse Diamonds, Entire Items, All types of Gems.  

Gemstone Replacement  

The price of gold and diamonds has risen dramatically in the past few years. If your appraisal is older than 3 years, it may be time for an update.

Appraisal Updates

Please Note...  


I DO NOT Appraise:

Uncut Gemstones

Gold Dust / Raw Nuggets

Rolex Watches For Resale ( Insurance Purposes Only )

Jade Figurines

*I do not travel to jewelry stores,sellers or buyer locations to confim purchases

Ring Sizing & Repairs...

Appraisal Clients Only...Specially priced ring sizings and jewelry repairs